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Wrap your Gift / Flower in Cellophane Wrap, a clear plastic which is highly flexible and perfect for displaying and protecting your gift from falling apart.

Unfurl the cellophane and cut it down to your desired length. Wrap it around the stems of your flowers and garnish it with ribbons, decorations and other embellishments to suit the mood. A simple and easy way to finish off your floral arrangements, this will help you bring a smile to a loved one’s face.


Length Available:


  • Half Meter
  • 1 Meter
  • 2 Meter
  • 3 Meter
  • 4 Meter
  • 5 Meter
  • 10 Meter
  • Width: 80CM


  • Clear ( See Through

Pink Floral See Through Cellophane Gift Paper/Wedding Birthday Hampers Wrapping

PriceFrom £1.10
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